About Us

Since 1979, Colorado Frames has been specializing in the production of custom assembled art frames for sale to artists, photographers, stores, and print sellers across the country. Each custom frame is custom-sized to your specifications at no extra charge.

Our capabilities include individual, professional custom framing as well as large volume commercial wholesale frame production. We offer museum framing services and collector quality workmanship and expertise.

We are a small team of dedicated artists and designers who live to make your artwork shine.  Meet our team.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason a client is not completely happy with the design of their project, they can return it within 90 days and we’ll redesign it without additional charges and without hassle. New design must be of equal or lesser value, client pays only the difference if the new design is more expensive. Craftsmanship and materials are covered for the life of the project.