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Colorado Frames is without question the BEST framing and art service.

Colorado Frames is without question the BEST framing and art service I have ever experienced! As an artist with 30 plus years of creating in every medium, I have used a number of businesses in the area to create, display/present my work, and hands down Colorado Frames is the best in quality, price, and above all, customer care.

As a professional artist, I do a lot of research before I commit, and I have found that local, and nationwide stores, quote me two to three times the price while continuously pushing me on unnecessary expenditures. No matter what medium I’ve brought in to frame, display or finish,  I’ve been given the time, attention to detail,and kindness to assure my work looks exceptional at a price that is better than any in the area.

But, above all, I have to say its the people working at Colorado Frames, that are the most important to me. I am actually willing to pay a bit more if I feel a place has authentic, honest ownership and employees, but thankfully I don’t need to because that is the root of their business.

Sincere thanks,

Julie Keith
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Kate Dardine's Americat Collection
Kate Dardine Texas Art Gallery
This from the gallery in Texas:
I had the pleasure of opening your shipment yesterday and seeing your artwork for the first time in person.  It is wonderful work and I couldn’t be more pleased to have you in the gallery.  Thank you for being a part of our dream team!  I want to compliment you on the frame selections you made for each work, as well, very nice!  If only all artist’s were as professional as you when it comes to packing, labeling, etc…
Your painting of Rosalee is perfect and I find it difficult to choose a favorite for myself, all are fantastic! 
Happy Customers


I realized I haven’t emailed yet to say THANK YOU!!!  The framing on Land of the Free was beautifully done and my client is thrilled.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help, guidance and advice.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Have a wonderful day.


Chris’ photo was featured in the New York Times.
Our customer Chris travelled for a month in Peru, and while traveling visited Lake Titicaca.  Besides the very amusing name, the lake is the highest in the world and has some really amazing cultures still living on the lake.  He visited one of the floating islands and took this fantastic shot of the women greeting his boat.  Fast forward a couple of months, and he spotted a travel photo competition in the New York Times. He submitted his photo and was one of only four people selected!  Awesome.  We preserved the actual newspaper with the headline, text, and image behind museum quality glass.  It was a little tough finding a mat that would match the colors of the picture but not make the newspaper look too yellow.  We finally picked out this cool brown suede mat which we contrasted wth the darker frame inset with gold.  Nice!
“I was concerned since the newspaper was turning yellow, but now I know my only published picture is going to be preserved forever. I love the suede mat.” – Chris